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20 de Mayo, 2016 · General

Gemini full moon 21/05/2016

This Gemmini full moon occurs between houses 7 and the home 1, the moon is in conjunction with Mars, and the Sun conjunct Venus. Like the Sun and Venus are the house 7, you can indicate very good tendency to social contact, a lot of creativity in art, music, song, dance, achievements by popularity or social acceptance, fame, etc. The conjunction of the Moon with Mars can produce a lot of emotional strength, intense passions, deep sexual connections, here masculine meet with the feminine, so many new relationships can take shape in these days, society is tinged with sex. The opposition of both the Sun - Venus against the Moon - Mars may indicate a controversy Love versus sexuality, or choose one or the other, or relationships through love, or relationships through sex, or even relationships double, riddled with deceptions, betrayals, conflicts of all kinds, and separatist tendencies, or couples or relations generally either wear, new relationships, or situations violence, or explosive relationships, etc. Jupiter conjunct continues North Lunar Node in Virgo and the 11th house, so many people can achieve very important things target, expanding its goals, spiritual attainments, achievements in studies and teaching, long trips, etc. But on the other hand Saturn is in inharmonious with the Lunar Nodes, by locking Karmic, putting a brake on integration itself, or failing to arm the destination at will, here in this full moon, most braking are the physical targets, and particularly money, can make or break the fall of financial institutions, banks, stock market crash, economic and political breakdown of some countries. Days later will be added Mars to Saturn, and this society can be fatal in the breakdown or international crisis, and even causing great earthquakes and war situations, attacks of all kinds, the fall of a president or important president, or even spiritual leader.For different signs:Aries tensions and achievements may be in the work area, need to change the labor ambient or want to act independently.Taurus good time socially, mentally, creativity in art, music, singing, dance, etc. Good time to grow in love and in social relationships, social success or fame. Wedding plans for some. Couple crisis for others, sexual and emotional disputes.Gemmini the problem may be in health, and not locate an the solution to your objectives. Good time to go deep into the consciousness and make big changes.Cancer travel either good time to be by sea or by land, good time to study and teach what they have learned.Leo good time in labor, profession, business, politics, success in what they propose.Virgo good time in every way, achievements and expansion target achievements, integration into your life, but under many obstacles. Solutions legal issues.Libra full moon this will make them think deeply, can serve as an arbitrator in others situations. They are as out of situations, feel alienated and very lonely. Luckily the Black Moon and left Libra, and may take a break from negative influences and betrayals.Scorpio on the one hand feel strong in their actions, and very determined in their proposals, but watch what they do and eye with people who are related. Come solve times with negative situations.Sagittarius on the one hand the emotional and sexual passion may be wrapped, so watch violent or explosive reactions, or to be way too absolutist with their decisions.Capricorn self-control good time, management aware of his life, expansion goals, troubleshooting for papers or legal stuff, well in the studies, good intuition, situations of changes in labor, some instability.Aquarius are like refugees in their home, with the need to change things home or household or home, possibility of moving house. Independence with family.Pisces things of the past associated with children and economic situations are the most relevant to confront and reform, possibility of idyllic love, deep perceptions, achievements in studies. If you have children, possible plans of marriage of one of them.By birth charts to

RICARDO M. ZANI Astrologer

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